Illustrations for Early Childhood Education

I had so much fun experimenting with these illustration concepts for a website homepage I made for a client who specializes in early childhood development, balancing geometric shapes with organic, childlike drawings. Early access to education is crucial for fostering communities and promoting equality, thus we must prioritize providing it for ALL children.

In terms of my own learning, this project enabled me to get over some obstacles, most notably my phobia of web design. I never identify as a web designer. Even yet, if I had to go back a few years, I would never have referred to myself as an illustrator (to be honest, I still feel uncomfortable calling myself that most of the time). However, every page is blank at the beginning. We get to play, learn, and create new stories every day. We also get to see what the characters in those stories can accomplish. Take pride in your development. Discover new things. I am aware that designers suffer from the classic case of imposter syndrome. that nothing we do can be accomplished until we are an expert at it. However, there are instances when you need a job you can’t turn down and a solid support network to help you advance and alter your self-perception. Accepting discomfort causes transformation on all fronts: societal, professional, and personal. There is a lot in the world that seeks to define and imprison us. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Continue to put in a lot of effort, fight for reform, and never stop learning.

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