Webinar: Using Innovation and Technology to Close the Affordability Gap in Higher Education

In an effort to draw and keep students, schools and universities are looking for methods to strengthen their financial assistance packages and support networks. This is because more students and families are finding higher education to be unaffordable. These days, innovative payment systems improve transparency, accessibility, and the overall affordability of a degree while offering students numerous alternatives to overcome financial challenges.

Additional improvements that help students better manage their educational costs and reduce their postgraduate debt include more feature-rich online tools and apps (that maximize access to grant or scholarship aid), strengthened financial counseling, and a stronger focus on flexible, interest-free payment options and tracking. There is a need for multifaceted solutions due to the diversity of reasons behind the affordability challenge in higher education. Which technological advancements are truly having an impact? Which federal or state policy initiatives might be expanded to better support educational institutions and students? Attend this webinar to learn about potential solutions to the dilemma of affordable education from a group of higher education professionals and to have access to tools and advice that are transforming the field.

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